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Using SCADA Software to Send Email Notifications to an Office or Cell Phone

Stay in touch even while away from your SCADA software application, using InduSoft Web Studio to send email notifications to your office or cell phone. Ever need to know what your machine or process is doing when you aren’t right in front of it? Email notifications sent directly from the machine can keep you in the loop.

Use the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software to send email (including attachments and screen shots) and receive them regardless of your location. Built into IWS are several functions that allow you to configure a connection to an SMTP server and send emails that can include status information, machine performance, and even PDFs and screen shots.

Configure the server:

IWS has a built-in function that you can use in many places in your project (including in VBScripts). The “CnfEmail()” function allows you to point to the Host SMTP server, who (or what machine) the email is from, the incoming server, and the username and password.

Here is an example:

CnfEmail( “”, “”, “”, “RobertH”, “Shades556”)

New in IWS v7.0 is a convenient interface that allows easy configuration of the SMTP server (see the graphic).

SCADA Software

SCADA Software

Build and send the email:

Using the “SendEmailExt” function, you construct the subject, the message body, who the email is addressed to, and optionally include CC and BCC addresses, and any file attachments, such as: reports, text files, screen shots or even help documents.

Here is an example:

SendEmailExt( “Subject”, “Message”, “”, “”, “”, “C:Projects eport.txt” )

With these two very simple steps, send messages and receive information from the SCADA software no matter where you are, and keep your machine/process optimized for efficiency.

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