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What makes InduSoft Web Studio so Flexible?

SCADA software

SCADA software

The key technology that makes InduSoft so flexible is the layer of abstraction between the application, the plant-level data and any external software. InduSoft Web Studio provides a layer of abstraction for communication with hardware, such as PLCs, making it easy, for example, to change from a PLC to a Soft PLC merely by adjusting the driver sheet data.

There is a layer between the hardware’s operating system and the software, making it simple to develop an application for an operating system such as Windows Embedded, and then deploy it on large Server Edition monitoring thousands of points. InduSoft Web Studio’s HMI and SCADA software was one of the first SCADA software solutions to fully support a Windows CE/Windows Embedded model. With full featured software and a light footprint, InduSoft CEView is perfect for everything from small touch panel PCs with tight memory requirements, to huge desktop PCs that allow much more memory intensive applications.

Another layer of abstraction makes it easy to export data to external software, such as SQL databases, ERP, MES, or CMMS. The patented database connectivity of InduSoft makes it unique in its ability to easily transfer data to external databases.

The web publishing and thin client options provided by InduSoft Web Studio allow you to deploy your application cost-effectively across a wide variety of platforms or devices. InduSoft’s web thin client, secure viewer, and SMA (Studio Mobile Access) client make it easy to view your SCADA application anywhere with an internet connection. Hardware capabilities are no longer an issue with a browser based SCADA or HMI. The same software that can put a plant floor in the palm of your hand via a smartphone can also be used to develop web-based dashboards for high-level executives who need a bird’s eye view.

InduSoft is flexible because it was designed with scalability and ever-shifting hardware needs in mind. InduSoft is one of the easiest solutions to upgrade, thanks to excellent driver support and compatibility between the first version of the software up to the most recent. This makes it easy to develop an application from a small monitoring solution on one machine to a full SCADA solution keeping track of an entire plant floor. It’s also easy to develop an application and scale it down for mobile devices or small touch screen panel PCs with limited memory.

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