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Updated Driver for the Mitsubishi MELSE Driver for InduSoft Web Studio

Mitsubishi L Series driverInduSoft has released a updated version of the Mitsubishi MELSE driver version 10.3, one of the over 240 drivers available with the software. This driver supports the QnA and Q Series of Mitsubishi drivers, as well as the recently released L Series.

The L Series of PLCs, use the Ethernet port embedded into the CPU. No additional Ethernet modules are required.

InduSoft Web Studio offers users over 240 built-in drivers that offer direct communication to every major manufacturer of industrial automation hardware, including PLCs, controllers, and DCSs.  This extensive selection of drivers not only makes InduSoft Web Studio the most communicative SCADA software solution available, but OPC support also makes this software incredibly flexible. Users have the flexibility to upgrade or change hardware for the best configuration, thanks to the availability of connectivity methods in InduSoft Web Studio.

To install updated drivers, please visit our Driver Download Page for a full and updated list of all InduSoft Web Studio Drivers. You can also download a full version of the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software on our SCADA software download page.

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