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Simultaneous Driver Connections in InduSoft Web Studio

scada software

scada software

Indusoft Web Studio is designed to help users take advantage of the full potential of their industrial automation hardware like PLCs and Controllers. In order to improve performance and reliability even in adverse scenarios, it’s possible to set up simultaneous driver connections on a PLC or other external device.

How to set up a simultaneous connection

It’s very simple to set up a simultaneous driver connection within the SCADA software. Simply choose the driver you want from the list of drivers, and right click to show the options available for the driver. From there go to Settings/Advanced. In the advanced settings dialog there is an option for simultaneous requests, and a place to input the maximum number of requests, and the maximum number of requests per station. The default setting is a ratio of 1:1, but this can be adjusted for the best configuration. For example, in a configuration of 2:2, InduSoft Web Studio will create two connections for the device. This can greatly enhance the performance of the device by speeding up the communication between the SCADA software and the hardware.

Some experimentation will help determine the best balance of connections for speed and stability. PLCs may be restricted in how many connections they support, or may be prone to slower execution if too many connections are running.

It should also be noted that simultaneous connections are only possible on TCP/IP protocols. Serial connections cannot support simultaneous connections.

When to use a simultaneous connection

Simultaneous connections are commonly used in the following situations:

  • When the system is using one device, and needs to increase performance. Additional connections will speed of the process of retrieving and sending information to the PLC.
  • If there is more than one device, and you want to maintain a good communication performance with the remaining devices, even if another device is not available. Additional connections in a 2:1 ratio of Maximum Connections: Maximum Connections Per Station will allow users to set up a dedicated connection to each device, meaning the device will not lose performance in the event that another node on the network becomes unresponsive and forces the connection to wait for timeout.

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