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InduSoft Makes it Easy To Communicate With the Top PLC Manufacturers

SCADA software

SCADA software

InduSoft Web Studio was designed to be the most communicative SCADA software on the market. Not only does this allow customers to develop a vendor independent SCADA network, but it also ensures easy communication with the top PLC vendor devices so that development is fast and easy to configure. With over 240 drivers, there are no hoops to jump through when connecting to the most commonly used families of PLC devices.

InduSoft Web Studio connects to any PLC, including Mitsubishi, AB, Siemens, GE, Schneider. This can be done without using OPC. The drivers are included within the SCADA software. OPC is still an option, however, if you need even more options for connectivity.

InduSoft Web Studio makes it simple to develop projects, and change the language during runtime. The native languages employed in emerging industrial markets are easily covered with Unicode fonts. These include the character sets for Japanese, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Southeast Asian languages like Vietnamese, Indian Devanagari characters, and more.

InduSoft has over 125,000 licensed applications worldwide, including projects in the water treatment, oil & gas, detention, food, pharmaceutical, building automation, plastic injection, packaging, alternative energy (wind and solar) and automotive industries.

InduSoft Web Studio includes built-in database connectivity, and trending and alarming solutions for the most demanding business and manufacturing solutions.

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