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Plan Ahead for Changes to your Operating System

InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio

Did you know that there are still 300 million users of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system in use today? XP is still a common operating system used in netbooks, laptops, and desktop computers. Many still use this operating system because it is stable and has a familiar graphic interface, but Windows XP is not destined to stick around forever.

Microsoft announced the end of the life cycle for Windows XP will occur in 2014. Many legacy systems will be updated between now and then, but some may be in a crunch when 2014 rolls around, and XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. When developing new SCADA or HMI projects, it’s important to consider this change. A good basis for a flexible SCADA system should include an application that can be easily migrated and scaled up or down when the operating system of the computer it’s running on changes.

Start planning your migration to Windows 7 and 8 now, and remember that your InduSoft Web Studio application will be migrate 100 percent to your new Microsoft operating system. InduSoft Web Studio is an excellent foundation for a powerful SCADA system that offers flexibility and customizability when it comes to changes in hardware and software.

IWS includes over 240 drivers to every major manufacturer of PLC and other devices, as well as supporting OPC for easy communication with hardware from disparate vendors. In addition, applications developed in the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software can be easily updated if the version of IWS changes, or the Microsoft operating system changes on the computer it’s running on. IWS is developed to run efficiently on every currently supported Microsoft operating system.

**We incorrectly stated that Windows XP Embedded would be supported after 2014. This is not the case. Windows Embedded 7 and Windows Embedded 8 will be supported.

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