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Reduce the Learning Curve of Your HMI to Save Time and Increase Efficiency of Operators

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Among some of the useful tips that help users maintain an effective and flexible SCADA or HMI project, one of the most important involves educating machine operators who will be using the HMI you develop. Unfortunately, trained operators may come and go, leaving those with less training to take over machine control. So how can HMI developers leverage their SCADA/HMI development software for operators? Simple – by putting everything they need at their fingertips.

SCADA/HMI software platforms like InduSoft Web Studio support countless ways to guide operators, offer them timely information, and make resources available. Carefully planning interface functions is one way to help operators. Make interfaces intuitive, but include aspects such as non-intrusive guides as operators work. For example, it might be useful to trigger a warning if operators input totals outside an accepted range. Adding simple confirmation buttons can also help prevent mistakes that may arise from an operator moving too quickly through the interface, or not being familiar with proper protocol.

Another important feature in InduSoft Web Studio includes the ability to embed media, such as videos, PDFs and more. Embedded PDFs within the HMI can be an invaluable resource for operators who need quick access to the user manual or troubleshooting advice. Other important data to make available may include recipes, example settings, and visual references of machine controls.

Predictive maintenance is another useful method of ensuring that operators are aware of the status of the machine. By triggering alerts when fluid levels are low, or certain parts need inspection, it’s possible to engage the operator in regular maintenance of the machine, which will go a long way in preventing downtime. Explore all the tools available to you within your SCADA/HMI development platform, and try not to make assumptions that all users will be well trained in using the interface.

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