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Planning Your Next Building Automation Management System with InduSoft Web Studio

Building Automation SCADA

Building Automation SCADA

InduSoft Web Studio is an easy to use SCADA and HMI development software that has served dozens of industries. One industry that frequently uses InduSoft as their SCADA software development platform is that of building automation. Because InduSoft is designed to communicate with such a wide variety of devices, it’s an ideal solution for projects like building management systems, which may rely on hardware components from many different vendors. InduSoft interfaces with disparate systems, such as HVAC, lighting, security access controls, and electrical equipment.

There are critical functions required for most building management and automation systems that InduSoft handles very well. The SCADA software includes alarming functions, which can send alarms to a cell phone over SMS or in email updates. InduSoft supports easily configurable scheduling, allowing developers to adjust settings for holidays, weekends, high occupancy times, and more. InduSoft’s built in security features make it easy to control user access and manage personnel access to buildings and facilities. The data logging functions can be used to display useful historical dashboards that can show information such as energy consumption over time. The web thin client support can also be used to maintain the system even from remote locations. For example, it’s possible to get an alarm from a cell phone while at home, and then log into the system remotely to check the recorded information for actionable events.

InduSoft has been used worldwide to help maintain building systems, including installations in Brazil, Portugal, the United States, Russia, Germany and Denmark. InduSoft has put together several case studies that showcase how this SCADA software development platform can be used within the building automation industry. Read more about these projects here:

You can also access a building management example application, which will allow you to see some of these functions in use. Download the sample building management application here: Building Management in InduSoft Web Studio

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