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Take Advantage of the Telemetry Functions of InduSoft Web Studio for Remote SCADA Applications

Remote SCADA

Remote SCADA

Remote SCADA access can be as simple as bringing the data from the plant floor to an office over a web thin client utilizing a browser, or it can be as complex as monitoring remote sites located in harsh terrain from devices ranging from industrial PCs to ruggedized PCs. Telemetry and cloud based SCADA applications are an increasingly viable option with remote communication capabilities like those built into InduSoft Web Studio.

Remote SCADA monitoring for solar and wind farms, natural gas drilling, remote pumping, pipelines and more

Remote sites powered by a solar panel and a battery may pose challenges during SCADA system development, due to energy constraints and connectivity restrictions. The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software has built in options to help tackle these challenges. For instance, using InduSoft’s standard driver sheet, it’s possible to dictate when communications occur. For example, these communications can be scheduled every night at 2:00 AM, and then be scheduled to shut down. This will conserve both battery and bandwidth.

In addition, InduSoft Web Studio supports telemetry over any TCP/IP connection, including wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet, radio modem, or even a satellite or cell modem connection. This offers developers a flexible range of choices when developing applications that require remote access.

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