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See InduSoft at Upcoming Natural Gas Fair in Wyoming

InduSoft invites users who work in the Oil and Gas industry to come see InduSoft Web Studio distributor Marty Huff of MSI Tec at the Wyoming Natural Gas Fair in Jackson Hole, WY on September 14th -16th. MSI Tech will display their InduSoft application at booth #34. Continue reading

Running asynchronous scripts in InduSoft Web Studio v7.0+SP1

When you run a VBScript function in InduSoft Web Studio, it runs in the main thread of a process. This means when you run a VBScript function, the whole process is blocked until the function ends. Because of that the application appears to be locked or blocked. Running VBScript asynchronously prevents this from happening. Continue reading

InduSoft Announces New Certified System Integrator in the United States, and new Distributor in Dubai

Austin, Texas (InduSoft) August 25, 2011 –InduSoft has added a new certified system integrator to its list of partners in the United States, and a new InduSoft Web Studio distributor in Dubai, U.A.E. These two new partners add increased channels for creating InduSoft Web Studio based SCADA applications and gaining access to an all-in-one SCADA development platform. Continue reading

Large Tag Licenses in InduSoft Web Studio

It’s now possible to use a huge number of tags for an InduSoft Web Studio SCADA application. This new option in licensing is ideally suited to large scale process applications such as oil refineries and chemical processing, substations and power distribution, as well as telemetry SCADA applications. Any large-scale SCADA application that requires a hefty tag count can benefit by utilizing the built in tools of InduSoft Web Studio during development and maintenance of the application. Continue reading

What’s New in the InduSoft Web Studio Service Pack

There’s a lot to look forward to in the new InduSoft Web Studio service pack. This eagerly anticipated release includes some great features to InduSoft Web Studio, and fulfills requests made by users across every industry. Here are some of the key developments in the new InduSoft Web Studio v7.0.1: Continue reading

Educational Licenses for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft is passionate about education of any kind. We love to learn, and we feel that the best way to do that is to get a hands-on experience. Nothing excites us more than facing the challenges of integrating with new technology and developing exciting solutions. We want to offer this same experience to educational institutions and research groups by allowing them access to licenses and training in our SCADA development platform. Continue reading

New InduSoft Case Study: Water/Wastewater SCADA application developed by Precision Pumping Systems

Simplot asked InduSoft partner Precision Pumping Systems to develop a water and wastewater regulation system for one of the largest feedlots in the United States. Continue reading

Shave Development Time and Make Amazing SCADA Applications

The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. We kept that in mind while putting together a SCADA Best Practices webinar that will allow anyone developing a SCADA application in InduSoft Web Studio to use the tools available in the most efficient way possible. Continue reading

Creating Key Indicators for Multiple Applications in InduSoft Web Studio

In some industries, it’s not uncommon to have several different SCADA applications running simultaneously on different licenses of the SCADA software. While extrapolating data from each of these individually is no problem, it can be an additional challenge to compile data from all the applications into one source. Here are some options for compiling key indicators from multiple applications into one easily viewable format. Continue reading