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Flexibility of Deployment with InduSoft Web Studio

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InduSoft Web Studio can be developed once, and deployed in a multitude of ways. This makes our SCADA development platform highly flexible for a variety of applications.

A Push Toward Cloud-Based Connectivity

InduSoft has always supported a variety of ways for our customers to access applications and receive information remotely through thin clients, SMS text messages, and email. With the growing need for remote monitoring and data acquisition, InduSoft Web Studio provides an excellent method of marrying the flexibility and cost effectiveness of cloud computing with the ease of web connectivity.

InduSoft Web Studio applications can be configured to exist in a cloud structure, with access and control via the Studio Mobile Access client, the Secure Viewer, or the Web Thin Client. It’s also possible to configure connections through modem, wireless modem, cellular connections, or satellite connections.

From the HMI to the Control Room

InduSoft Web Studio is a fully scalable tool that provides a solution for deployment to any device that supports a Microsoft Operating System. The same application can be used on every level, from the smallest touchscreen panel HMI to a distributed remote monitoring system in the cloud.

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