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What’s New in the InduSoft Web Studio Service Pack

scada software

scada software

There’s a lot to look forward to in the new InduSoft Web Studio service pack. This eagerly anticipated release includes some great features to InduSoft Web Studio, and fulfills requests made by users across every industry. Here are some of the key developments in the new InduSoft Web Studio v7.0.1:

Multiple Language Development Support – Now it’s possible to develop your application in English, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese.

SSL email support – With SSL (Secure Socket Layer) support, it’s possible to integrate InduSoft Web Studio with third party email providers like Gmail.

New Symbol Libraries – Enjoy a wider range of symbols integrated into the software.

New Drivers – InduSoft Web Studio supports over 240 propriety protocol drivers, and continuously develops and updates them for better communication with a wide range of hardware platforms.

SPC – Statistical Processing Control adds a new level to already rich trending capabilities. Without making any modifications to their project, users can enable the SPC capabilities of the trend to display average, minimum, maximum and standard deviation for process values in real-time simply by clicking on an icon, without requiring any programming.

OPC XML – This new optional OPC module was created as an add-on for the current suite of tools. The new module supports XML applications with full control over communication. Users can send and read any process variable on demand and control when items are disabled or enabled. Automatic expansion makes it exceptionally easy to configure arrays. This adds more flexibility by supporting multi-threading capability, allowing users to have multiple communication threads even when connecting to the same server.

Tag Integration with CoDeSys – Service Pack 1  implements tag integration with CoDeSys that enables users to easily use CoDeSys tags inside InduSoft.

Higher Tag Counts – For users with large-scale operations, InduSoft now supports tag counts of up to ten million tags, which will be able to easily support an operation of almost any size.

VBScript parallel execution – This new feature allows users to run global procedures in a multithreaded or linear execution.

Customizable Product Installer – This customizable installer allows users to turn their applications into products they can distribute to customers or deploy quickly on equipment. Save disk space by customizing only the options required for your operation.

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