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Large Tag Licenses in InduSoft Web Studio

scada software

scada software

It’s now possible to use a huge number of tags for an InduSoft Web Studio SCADA application. This new option in licensing is ideally suited to large scale process applications such as oil refineries and chemical processing, substations and power distribution, as well as telemetry SCADA applications. Any large-scale SCADA application that requires a hefty tag count can benefit by utilizing the built in tools of InduSoft Web Studio during development and maintenance of the application.

All the tools you need in one SCADA Software

InduSoft Web Studio can handle applications from the plant floor to a huge multi-facility application that monitors millions of points of data. InduSoft provides communication protocols for a wide variety of industrial automation hardware platforms, and also supports OPC for the cases when another form of communication is required.

InduSoft has built-in capabilities for redundancy, as well as the option to communicate on exception, which allows large applications to manage the transfer of information for critical data. Take advantage of the patented database connectivity to connect to any SQL database, and the interoperability with any Microsoft supported Windows operating system to deploy your application to a wide range of devices like redundant servers and distributed architectures where you can view dashboards and historical trends.

IWS allows for traceability, including time stamped logging of data, verifiable eSignatures, flexible reporting, and security capabilities that enable you to log user actions and restrict process control and changes to authorized users only.

Developers of SCADA applications can use up to ten million tags for their applications, which should allow for a project that meets all requirements for redundancy, distributed hardware, and data collection.

A Case Study in SCADA Systems with large tag counts

Brookhaven National Laboratory boasts one of the world’s largest cryogenics facilities in the world, and uses InduSoft Web Studio to power a massive SCADA project. To read more about this project, click here!

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