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See the New IWS v7.0 SP1 Datasheet!

InduSoft Datasheet

InduSoft Datasheet

The InduSoft Web Studio datasheet has been updated to represent all the additional tools and features available in the InduSoft Web Studio v7.0 SP1 release.

Among the changes listed on the datasheet are multi-language development support, SSL email integration, SPC (Statistical Process Control), an OPC XML add-on, tag integration with CoDeSys, and VBScript parallel execution. There are many other significant changes in this service pack that make the SCADA software suite even more flexible and intuitive than before.

As always, InduSoft Web Studio maintains 100% compatibility, so even if you install the service pack, all old applications will continue to work.

See the updated datasheet HERE

Download the SCADA software HERE

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