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InduSoft Web Studio Harnesses the Wind in Wind SCADA Systems



InduSoft Web studio has applications in every market for alternative and renewable energy, and continues to expand in the field of Wind SCADA solutions. InduSoft is the perfect SCADA software solution for everything from individual RTUs or massive wind farms running on a central SCADA system.

This multi-tiered solution can provide a supervisory overview of the largest wind farms or Wind SCADA applications, monitoring up to ten million points of data from a single location. InduSoft Web Studio can also act as a regional data concentrator. Aggregate information from an area with built in redundancy; critical data is managed reliably and efficiently. From these large scale projects down to a smaller scale, InduSoft can act as a local resource, in the nacelle, or at the base of the turbine. Technicians can interact with the control system with easy to access, intuitive graphics.

InduSoft Web Studio can monitor data from any aspect of the wind farm, including things such as:

  • Energy production
  • Trends
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Faults and events
  • Shaft Vibration
  • Wind gust information
  • Pitch and yaw
  • Break status

InduSoft Web Studio also makes it easy to monitor remote stations. InduSoft’s built-in thin client solutions make it possible to interact with a site or machine remotely, or monitor the data from a central location away from each individual site. It’s easy to configure notifications to be sent via SMS to a smartphone, or to email. Reports can be prepared automatically for regulatory agencies. Using InduSoft’s patented database connectivity, it’s also possible to log the data connected to a Wind SCADA project to any SQL database.

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