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Key Steps to Take Before Deploying InduSoft Web Studio Applications

During the testing phase for an application created in InduSoft Web Studio, a few preliminary steps can greatly improve the time necessary for successful deployment. Following these steps will help ensure a more stable, more efficient SCADA application that requires less trial and error in the deployment stage.

  1. Clear the Database Spy – The Database Spy is normally used for testing and troubleshooting. It is a good idea to clear the list of tags, functions and expressions from the Database Spy before SCADA application deployment. This will ensure that any unnecessary items will not have to be scanned. Just right click in the database spy and select “delete line”.
  2. Disable the LogWin “Save on disk” option in the SCADA software – This will also reduce any unnecessary overhead and disk access that is not required unless troubleshooting or debugging your SCADA application.
  3. Remove “test” files in the Hst, Alarm, and WebDump folders – Any trend history, alarms or dump files created during the development phase are probably not required after you deploy. Remove those files so the historical information is new and accurate for the deployed project.
  4. Remove unused tags from the project – this will ensure you can use the most efficient license for your application’s needs.
  5. Run the “Verify” command to clean up the tag database and make sure there are no major problems with the application. This command re-saves the project and makes sure all of the versions of all the files are synchronized. This improves performance, and should be the last step before you deploy.
  6. Create a backup – Better yet, create several. Keep one at the office, and carry one with you to the onsite location of where you will deploy. It takes very little time and can be a lifesaver!

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