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InduSoft Demonstrates OPC XML Addon to InduSoft Web Studio at the European Interoperability Workshop in Nürnberg

InduSoft OPC Interoperability

InduSoft OPC Interoperability

InduSoft is currently at the European OPC Interoperability Workshop in Nürnberg to test InduSoft Web Studio v7.0+SP1. The new OPC XML module available as an add-on to Service Pack 1 has been has been validated to work with other OPC product vendors during this event.

In addition, InduSoft also validated the built-in OPC UA client for Windows CE at the European OPC interoperability event. The OPC UA protocol for Windows CE will be available on the next release of InduSoft Web Studio. It has a very small footprint and allows low end devices to easily integrate with OPC UA Servers.

This OPC UA client for Windows CE complements the existing OPC DA, OPC UA and OPC .Net Clients that InduSoft Web Studio already supports on Microsoft desktop and server operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server additions.

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