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Finding the Best SCADA Software Solution for a Water/Wastewater SCADA project

SCADA software for water and wastewater

SCADA software for water and wastewater

What is the best SCADA software platform for water and wastewater treatment? InduSoft Web Studio has a rich history in the water and wastewater industry, with plenty of case studies detailing how the IWS platform has been used in water and wastewater for over a decade.

With InduSoft Web Studio, engineers can monitor status regardless of whether they are on site,  at home,  or even out on the road (though we don’t actually advocate using it while driving). Receive critical information if you are at the facility or via email, text, or using any web enabled phone or tablet. Alarms, tank levels, valves, pump stations and flow rates can all be updated remotely.

InduSoft Web Studio communications are very flexible, and can send an update on the sub-second level or only a few times a day. Communicate with nearly any PLC or other device by using the built in drivers or with optional OPC connectivity.

Communicate remotely over cell/mobile networks, via radio modem or even satellite connections. Coordinate resources over large municipalities or make small villages more efficient.

Monitor lift stations without local displays and send necessary information back without on-site visits. Trend power usage, chemical usage and flow rates to predict when preventative maintenance will be required before there is an actual problem. Built in scheduling and pop-up notifications reduce or eliminate human errors.

For more information on using InduSoft Web Studio as an affordable SCADA software platform for water/wastewater projects, check out a few of our recent case studies:

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