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SCADA Software With Easy Multi-Language Translation Tools

In the new tightly knit global community, there is an increasing need to standardize machines and applications across different countries. InduSoft Web Studio makes this process easier by offering more than standard multi-language support for the development platform. In IWS V7.0, it’s easy to translate the actual SCADA application, and even fine-tune the translation in the development environment.

InduSoft Web Studio provides far more than a simple table or spreadsheet view of test in an application. While some SCADA software requires a tedious process of developing an application in English, and then exporting a spreadsheet file for translation, only to import it back in, InduSoft Web Studio can accomplish the translation with one step. To do this, use the translation tool, choose an additional target language, and the application will be translated automatically into the new language. This tool is exceptionally useful when localizing applications for different facilities that use different languages.

In addition to one-click translations, InduSoft Web Studio supports a wide range of Unicode fonts, which makes it possible to use Cyrillic characters, Chinese characters, or other non-Latin character sets. This feature is very important for application development in languages that do not use English Latin character sets.

These features give InduSoft Web Studio an important advantage over many other SCADA software platforms. The ease of multi-language development can save quite a bit of time while creating applications, and has many practical uses. For example, a web thin client application can display a different language for each remote instance, without ever changing the local server application language. It’s also easy to configure an application to show multiple languages in situations where operators may not share a common language.

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