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Upcoming Opportunities for Free Training in InduSoft Web Studio

Want to learn more about different aspects of using the InduSoft Web Studio software? Be sure to attend our Technical Webinar Series, which will offer specific instruction on using InduSoft Web Studio’s SCADA software. Here are the upcoming sessions that you can attend:

Technical Webinar Series

Tomorrow, Oct. 25 2011: Driver configuration with InduSoft Web Studio

Learn to configure communications with popular PLC models, and ask specific questions about InduSoft driver configuration.

November 23, 2011: Database Connectivity and Database Redundancy Webinar

Join InduSoft to learn how to set up communications with any SQL database, and configure database redundancy. Bring your questions, and speak to an InduSoft developer.

December 28, 2011: System Redundancy

Learn to make your entire SCADA system a redundant operation, in order to cut down on downtime and increase productivity and improve data collection.

Be sure to view our already completed Webinars. You can see our Best Practices Webinar and our Building Automation webinar on our videos page.

We also have upcoming webinars discussing the trends and topics in the SCADA industry. Join us for the following:

SCADA Trends and Topics Webinar Series

November 16, 2011: Packaging SCADA and OEE Webinar

Hear from experts in the packaging industry and see how InduSoft can improve production on your packaging line, or learn to create OEE dashboards for any industry.

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