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Trick or Treat with InduSoft this Halloween!

InduSoft Halloween

To celebrate Halloween, we are bringing out the Tricks and Treats for you. Enjoy your sugar buzz and check out what InduSoft has up our sleeves!

First, the trick!

If you store data in an Excel spreadsheet you can increase performance with the ADO gateway by following these tricks. How much of a difference can you make? Let me toss some scary impressive numbers at you! Using the old method, it was taking about ten minutes to write one sheet with 16,000 rows pulling data from 14 separate tables. With this new method, InduSoft Web Studio was able to write 14 simultaneous sheets with 65,536 rows (the maximum number allowed by older versions of Excel) in UNDER A MINUTE! How’s that for a shocking reveal?

Here’s how you do a block write from an ADO recordset to Excel

Time for treats!

Now for your treat, InduSoft has two webinars in the month of November.

First, the packaging webinar on November 16th at 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM CST, where Stephen Packer from Belvac will be speaking. Belvac designs continuous motion rotary machinery for the can industry and they will be presenting their OEE application.

The second webinar is on November 30th at 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM CST, where InduSoft will be presenting Database Connectivity and Redundancy as it is associated with databases.

Speaking of databases, did you know that there are BLOBs in the database world.  Blob stands for binary large object, a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a database. Manage these Blobs using Indusoft Web Studio easy interface to any SQL database.

Then there are the demons. Demons are the background tasks like InduSoft’s alarms, trends, recipe, reports and more. Demons are anything that runs in the background and is not the graphical screens with which the user interacts.

And last there are gremlins. Gremlins are those mysterious characters that sometimes appear on your computer screen. Get rid of the Gremlins by using InduSoft Web Studio for your developing your next application.

We wish you a Happy Halloween!

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