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Join InduSoft at OPC Day Benelux 2011

November 16, 2011 in Antwerp,  Belgium

Join InduSoft in Antwerp, Belgium this year for OPC Day Benelux 2011. InduSoft Web Studio fully supports OPC, including OPC UA, OPC Classic, OPC .NET 3.0, and also has an additional OPC XML add-on available.

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here at the OPC Foundation website

During the past 15 years OPC has become the standard for data exchange in industrial communication. Resulting from the success of the classic OPC specifications, the new OPC Unified Architecture was developed by the OPC Foundation in cooperation with dozens of companies: this platform independent and future-proof standard offers more modern, flexible and extensive possibilities for interoperability. Besides the classical field of industrial communication, OPC UA also aims to provide solutions for vertical integration up to the business level, as well as provide solutions in other fields like energy, building automation and many more.

Now the OPC Foundation, the Artesis University College of Antwerp, the University of Antwerp and Agoria announce the “OPC Day Benelux  2011: Connecting Evolvable Automation and Business Components with OPC UA” on November the 16th 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium. This event is for End users, system integrators or developers; everyone interested or involved in OPC is encouraged to participate and attend this prestigious informative event. You will discover the new OPC Unified Architecture and learn the features and functionality, as well as network with both local and international colleagues. The concept we are focussing on that day is to provide the infrastructure to integrate  IT/business level with automation and field level engineers.

There will be talks by a wide range of international speakers. The morning sessions will focus on OPC UA itself: the technology, features and functionality, standardization, etc. The afternoon sessions will focus on the integration from field level automation to business level, as well as solutions, applications and use cases of OPC UA.

For more questions, please contact the Belgian OPC Foundation representative Dirk van der Linden: or +3232137948

Purpose of the event

  • Get attendees informed on OPC UA: features and functionality
  • Show advanced concepts of OPC UA: go beyond simple data exchange
  • Cross the bridge between production control systems and business information systems
  • Explore new application fields for OPC UA
  • Networking opportunity with end users, integrators, vendors, developers, researchers, etc.

We look forward to your attendance at this exciting event!

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