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InduSoft Grants Educational License to Scheepvaart en Transport College in the Netherlands

InduSoft works with educational partners around the globe to share and exchange ideas. In addition to providing SCADA software licenses for educational programs, InduSoft also works with institutions to develop and learn from their research. InduSoft’s latest Educational license was granted to the Scheepvaart en Transport College in the Netherlands, where Yme Dikkerboom works as a member of the STC Group to educate upcoming members of the workforce so they can prepare for jobs in industries such as: transport, and logistical planning in and around ports. This program has educated process operators for factories like Shell, Q8, BP Exxon, and more. The program has expanded greatly since its origins as a training program for maintenance personnel.

The STC Group program offers courses for training maintenance engineers, and works with students aged sixteen to twenty-one. In this setting, InduSoft is used to assist students in learning to program PLCs in an industrial setting.

InduSoft was chosen for this project due to the low learning curve. Within a few hours, with the help of InduSoft Web Studio Support Team members, Mr. Dikkerboom was able to create a functioning application that communicated to a Siemens S7-300 PLC. Another factor in this decision was the ease with which it is possible to join the InduSoft Educational Licensing Program.

To learn more about the Scheepvaart en Transport College program, please visit the STC Website. For more information about the Educational Licensing Program at indusoft, please email

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