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How does InduSoft Web Studio Count Drivers for Licensing?

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software limits the maximum number of different drivers configured simultaneously in the same application. Each driver implements a protocol and uses one physical port of the station where the application runs.

For example, in order to exchange data with 10 PLCs that support the same protocol (e.g.: Modbus over TCP/IP), you just need one driver (one protocol and one Ethernet port). However, in order to exchange data with two PLCs via two different serial ports of the computer, you need two communication drivers, even if both PLCs support the same protocol. If more drivers are required, please contact InduSoft.

In a practical sense, each “sub-folder” under “Drivers” in the “Comm” tab of the “Project Explorer” from the development environment of InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software counts as one driver for licensing purposes.

The OPC modules from InduSoft Web Studio are not treated as communication drivers for licensing purposes. For example, if a customer has a license that supports up to 3 communication drivers, the license would support an application with the driver MOTCP (Modbus/TCP)  communicating with several devices over TCP/IP, with the driver TXRX communicating with one barcode reader through a serial (COM) port, and with the driver OMETH (OMRON Ethernet/Serial PLCS, FINS / CS1 and CV) communicating with many PLCs via FINS TCP/IP protocol. In addition to that, the license would support the OPC Client module communicating with as many OPC Servers as necessary for the project.

If you still have questions regarding the specific architecture of your project, we are always happy to help you. Just email, or call us!

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