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Control Systems and Engineering Technologies Course at the University of Sarajevo Uses InduSoft Web Studio

Adnan Salihbegovic, a longtime user of InduSoft Web Studio, has been incorporating InduSoft Web Studio in his courses for more than seven years. We touched base with him recently to learn how he has continued to develop his curriculum for teaching SCADA/HMI development. In 2005, a case study on this program was developed, and the continued success is nothing short of inspiring.

This summer, Adnan will be instructing a course for the third year of the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree program titled Control systems engineering and technologies. The curriculum for this course is as follows:

The goal of this module is to provide basic knowledge and information on hardware and software structures of automatic control systems, management and control over technological processes and totally automated systems including technical and business part of industrial facilities’ management. Principles of construction and design of such systems, firstly from point of configuration and software support are more intensively observed, having in mind future professional orientation of students attending the module.

Control systems engineering and technologies    (ETF RII ITSU 3645)

This course adheres to the Bologna Study Process, which standardizes course hours, make-up and curricula throughout European Universities.

Prior to this course, Adnan used InduSoft Web Studio in a course entitled Special chapters in software systems, taught at the final fifth year of the old diploma engineer program for students on Department of Computing and Informatics. Some students are still in the process of completing this program, and are working on final project applications related to HMI/SCADA, OPC communication, clients for HMI/SCADA software, and more.

For example, one final design project just completed for the course was entitled:

“New generation of OPC Express interface XI  protocol for real-time exchange of data from process, based on MS WCF and .NET 3.0 framework”.

IWS was used in this project to demonstrate that it was compatible with OPC .NET 3.0 (previously, OPC XI) and can receive real-time process data from the OPC .NET 3.0 servers as well.

Another application of the Indusoft Web Studio SCADA Software in this educational setting is its usage in the small pilot plant in the University of Sarajevo laboratory, where it is used to demonstrate to the students how it can be used for remote control of process plants via the Internet within the VPN network, using various types of thin and smart clients.

According to Adnan, “Regarding this installation of Indusoft Web Studio software in the pilot plant, we are currently asking students to  get engaged on developing software drivers for the remote client to IWS running on IPAD 2 and Android tablets, and using these for remote monitoring and control via  wireless network based on Wi-Fi, mi-fi, GPRS and EDGE  mobile networks.”

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