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InduSoft Web Studio PC Demo Now Available on Sample Applications Page

SCADA software

SCADA software

The InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software PC demo has been available on the DVD version of the SCADA software package, but now it can be downloaded from the InduSoft website on the sample SCADA application page.

The PC Demo can be an excellent resource, either as a sales tool or a technical resource. The demo neatly shows off the features of InduSoft Web Studio, which makes it an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of this inclusive SCADA software. It’s also an excellent resource from a technical aspect. Users who want to understand how a feature is implemented can open the PC demo in the development environment and study it to learn new techniques.

There are quite a few features of InduSoft Web Studio on display in the PC demo. Understand how reports, recipes, alarms, trends, animations, and other major features can be implemented. Look at the Offices screen to see scripting that incorporates third party APIs, like Google Maps. Click on the flag in the lower left corner to change the language of the application, or click on the PC name or IP address in the bottom status bar to launch the web thin client.

Take advantage of this great demo of InduSoft Web Studio. You can download it here, or download the SCADA software and try out your own application.

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