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InduSoft Certifies New Hardware – GOIT 750 by AIS

InduSoft has certified new hardware through the Hardware Certification Program. This device has been tested by our quality assurance team, and certified compatible with InduSoft Web Studio HMI /SCADA Software.

GOIT 750 – The GOIT 750 is manufactured by AIS. The device is a graphic operator interface terminal. The GOIT 750 is a 7” resistive touch screen terminal certified to run InduSoft CEView 7.0 + SP1 + Patch 2.

InduSoft certifies hardware for OEMs wishing to produce an InduSoft Web Studio ready device, or for any user who wishes to verify compatibility for current or future projects using InduSoft Web Studio. For more information on our hardware certification program, please contact us at

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