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How to link InduSoft Web Studio with RSLinx

InduSoft Web Studio provides native drivers that communicate directly with all major manufacturers of PLCs, including Allen-Bradley PLCs. These drivers  do not require RSLinx from Rockwell, and make it simple and cost effective to communicate with devices that rely on RSLinx.

However, some legacy architectures use RSLinx to communicate with Allen-Bradley PLCs (regardless of the InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA stations) and InduSoft users may wish to use RSLinx as the central gateway of communication for InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA stations. Thanks to the InduSoft commitment to flexibility and open architectures, InduSoft Web Studio can also communicate with RSLinx though the standard OPC DA interface.

To take advantage of this, just link the OPC DA Client module from InduSoft Web Studio to the local (or remote) RSLinx OPC DA Server and associate InduSoft Web Studio tags with items from the RSLinx OPC DA Server.

RSLinx has different license levels, and some of them do not support OPC, or support it with specific limitations. At the time of writing, a manual from Rockwell that describes the different license versions of RSLinx is available at the following URL:

Please find below a summary of the limitations from each license version from RSLinx according to the aforementioned document:

–          RSLinx Classic Lite: “…This version does not support OPC…”

–          RSLinx Classic Single Node: “…OPC and DDE interfaces are supported, but to only one device. It does not support applications developed for the RSLinx Classic C Application Programming Interface (API) or direct drivers in HMI applications…”

–          RSLinx Classic OEM: “…OPC and DDE clients are supported for any number of devices…”

–          RSLinx Classic Gateway: “…Remote HMIs and VB/VBA applications including Microsoft Office can use remote OPC to communicate to RSLinx Classic Gateway for data collection….”

InduSoft Web Studio provides a built-in module (OPC DA 2.05) to exchange data with RSLinx OPC Server. However, you must install and license the appropriate version of RSLinx, which supports OPC communication.

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