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Do You Have Something to Share?

InduSoft is pleased to announce that we will be opening up a Third Party Store in September of 2012, filled with some of the great tools InduSoft partners and users have made. We are inviting you to participate, by submitting anything you would like to share with other InduSoft users. Some of the tools and utilities we’d love to make available include templates, drivers, objects, symbol libraries, or sample applications.

With this store, InduSoft hopes to welcome users of InduSoft Web Studio into a wide community, where ideas and useful assets can be shared and exchanged. While InduSoft has shared many sample SCADA/HMI applications, drivers, and other assets, we believe that an exchange of information between users who utilize InduSoft Web Studio in entirely new ways can help us continue to evolve our SCADA software.

Please contact us at to speak with us about submitting something for the InduSoft Third Party Store. You may choose to offer your assets free of charge, or for a fee, with payments accepted through PayPal. We will work with you to negotiate the details of your participation.

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