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InduSoft Online Training Course is Complete

Online SCADA TrainingFirst of all, we would like to thank those who have taken the time to view and learn from the InduSoft Web Studio online training course. This course was created in order to provide a resource for InduSoft users who wanted more access to training and education for InduSoft Web Studio, and we hope we’ve been able to answer some of that demand.

The InduSoft Web Studio online training course is now available in its entirety online. We invite you to use this free resource to learn more about developing SCADA and HMI applications using our software, which is available to download. We also intend this course to be useful to experienced InduSoft Web Studio users who wish to explore certain features, or gain a new perspective on using the SCADA software.

These videos can be viewed one video at a time and paused during playback. The online training can also be streamed, or downloaded as zipped .MP4 files so they can be watched on nearly any current device.


  • 38 videos
  • Over 1060 minutes of running video (almost 17.7 hours)!
  • 27.9 minutes average length; perfect to watch during lunch!
  • Provided for FREE, with no registration required.

Watch or Download the Videos Here

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