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Installing the License for the InduSoft Business Intelligence Template

Now that the InduSoft Web Studio Business Intelligence Template has been released, we’ve put together some tips on installing the license for this add-on template.

Here are some steps to take in installing the license:

– Before running InduSoft , make sure to run it as Administrator ( Otherwise , you will not be able to register your license ).

– Run the setup and uninstall the previous installation.

– The setup of the application components (which can be found at the main screen on the link: “Click here to install  the Chart Control objects”) has 2 types of installations : This User, and Everyone

– On the installation, select the option “Everyone”, if you’re logged with a user without administrator rights to install it to everyone.(Note: That’s the best option to avoid problems when you have different users on the machine).

– Also, you can select the option “This User”. But make sure it has administrator rights. You will have to run InduSoft as this same user to access the components you have installed.

If you did not follow this procedure on your initial attempt to install the license, please follow the procedure below to uninstall the license controls and re-install them with the correct procedure:

– Make sure to open InduSoft with the same user you ran the setup previously.

– Click on the hyperlink “Click here to install the Chart Control Objects” from the main screen.

– Select Remove Studio Controls.

– Click Finish.

– Re-open InduSoft, running as administrator, and click on the link again.

– Select the option “Everyone” on the setup wizard.

– Click Finish.

Please send the Site Code to after following these instructions, and you will be sent a Site Key to license the BI Dashboard Template. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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