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InduSoft Offers Live Demo of Tablet and iPad-ready SCADA to Brazilian Television


iPad and Tablet SCADA

InduSoft’s Francisco Calmon was recently features on television in Brazil, offering a live demonstration of how InduSoft Web Studio can be used on a tablet to run and monitor a plant. The interview is in Portuguese, but here is a summarized transcript so you can follow along:

You can run your entire company on a tablet or smart phone. This is the highlight of the show in Goiânia close to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.  With a tablet you can do many things, including share pictures, watch movies and, believe it or not, control a plant.

You need to install a software program and then connect to the internet.  You can operate and monitor your entire company, knowing if there are any problems happen in real-time.  Not only can you monitor and control you plant, but you can also get KPI information, such as how much orders are being processed and revenue being generated in real-time.

This novelty is the highlight of this trade show about food industry.  They are showing products and services from more than 180 small and big companies.  This show is a window into the product and services offered by these companies in a time when the market in Brazil is hot.  Studies from the research companies IBGE shows that between May of 2011 and May of 2012 the west central area of Brazil has developed 5.9%, which is more than any other region in Brazil.  We have forecasted that we will receive 25,000 visitors and 180 million in business generated at this food and beverage show in Brazil.  The new products and technology attracts the interest of the visitors to this show.  A research of the area shows that west central area of Brazil has grown in jobs by 43% over the last seven years.  The workers are also looking for everything that is new to make their lives better including the opportunity to advance their career.

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