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OPC Foundation President and Executive Director Thomas Burke Highlights InduSoft Participation in OPC Technology Summit 2012

Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President and Executive Director summarized his thoughts on InduSoft participation in the recent OPC Foundation Technology Summit.

“At the first annual OPC Foundation Technology Summit, held in Orlando October 16th through the 18th 2012, an excellent presentation was given titled “Evolution of Real-Time Operations in the Energy Sector.”  This presentation featured a great introduction to Indusoft Products, Strategy and Vision by my good friend, Scott Kortier, followed by an excellent presentation by one of their customers, Jeffery Cardenas (Genesis Real-Time Systems). Jeffrey clearly communicated the importance of open standards and specifically OPCUA as one of their key strategies for automation of well monitoring systems and drilling applications.  A unique partnership between Indusoft and Genesis RTS clearly offers a key enabling strategy for the oil and gas industry for the development and implementation of the whole concept of the digital oilfield environment.

Indusoft has consistently demonstrated commitment to developing quality certified products based on open standards specifically all the technology in the OPC portfolio, and also leveraging the open standards of the oil and gas industry.

The importance of end-users endorsement and demanding open standards is important strategically and to facilitate multivendor interoperability. Indusoft has achieved great acceptance of selling products that provide a solid infrastructure for interoperability in the oil and gas industry in addition to other industrial automation related domains. They offer a wide variety of products, and were the first company to actually have OPC UA on Windows CE.

I highly encourage you to take a look at the Indusoft product portfolio and take the opportunity to visit many of the tradeshows. InduSoft is truly an international company that participates in all of the major trade shows throughout the world including the upcoming tradeshow SPS in Nuremberg Germany, and also the IAS tradeshow in Shanghai.”

The Powerpoint presentation of “Evolution of Real-Time Operations in the Energy Sector” can be seen here, and the presentations are available for download at OPCFoundation. Org.

InduSoft and Genesis RTS – Evolution of Real-Time Operations in the Energy Sector from Marcia Gadbois

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