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Licensing, Site Keys, Site Codes, and the Register Utility/Local and Remote Management Agents

Customers occasionally have some confusion about the InduSoft licensing types and the correlation between Site Keys, Site Codes and what the Register Utility does.

The InduSoft Web Studio Family is an offering of numerous products and add-ins or add-ons that operate on large number of varied platforms. Some of the most popular products are:

-InduSoft Web Studio for Windows and Embedded Operating Systems
-InduSoft EmbeddedView Runtime
-InduSoftCEView Runtime
-Indusoft Thin Client
-InduSoft Secure Viewer
-InduSoft SMA and Enhanced SMA for HTML5
-Indusoft Device Drivers
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InduSoft Offers Educational Licenses to The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, Boy Scouts of America

InduSoft has recently added The Irvine Ranch, Outdoor Education Center Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America as an educational partner. The Irvine Ranch intends to integrate InduSoft Web Studio into their Science Camp curriculum for 2013, allowing students to explore alternative energy through solar power.

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Oil and Gas Webinar and Symbol Factory Webinar Videos are Now Available!

Missed the InduSoft Oil and Gas webinar, or the Symbol Factory webinar? Videos for these webinars are now available online! Stream or download them to see real world applications of InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading