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InduSoft has updated drivers

Recently InduSoft has posted updated drivers to the web site. You can find the updated drivers by clicking here. The two new drivers are: MATSU This driver is used with Matsushita and Panasonic FP PLCs. The driver is now version … Continue reading

Explore the InduSoft Web Studio Sugar Processing Demo Application

The InduSoft Web Studio sugar processing demo application is now available to download and explore. InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful SCADA software platform capable of developing applications in any industry. Continue reading

Upcoming InduSoft Events in Germany

Embedded World 2013

February 26 – 28, Nuremburg

InduSoft will be participating at Embedded World 2013 in the OPC booth. Join InduSoft in Nuremburg this February for demonstrations of how InduSoft Web Studio can create powerful applications for embedded systems.

Embedded World

InduSoft Presenter Page Continue reading

InduSoft and Microsoft SQL Server 2012

InduSoft Web Studio has a patented method of communication with SQL databases, including Microsoft SQL server. While many InduSoft Web Studio users who use SQL Server use the 2008 edition, advancements in technology have spurred an increasing demand for SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio that is able to communicate with SQL Server 2012. Continue reading

InduSoft Releases SCADA Visualization App for Windows 8

InduSoft today announced it has launched an InduSoft Visualization App for Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft’s highly-anticipated new version of its Windows operating system.

As the first SCADA/HMI app designed specifically for Windows 8, the InduSoft Visualization App offers mobile access to your InduSoft Web Studio application on Windows 8 devices. This application allows you to develop attractive interfaces with easily customizable widgets that display alarms and trend history in an easy-to-read format. Continue reading

InduSoft Congratulates the Winner of the Year End Survey Prize – Eric Dykes, of Simpson Security Systems

InduSoft would like to announce the winner of our end of year survey, Eric Dykes, of Simpson Security Systems! We received so much excellent feedback from all our end users, OEMs, certified system integrators, distributors, and more! InduSoft received over 450 responses to the end of year survey, and will be delivering t-shirts to responders very soon. Continue reading

InduSoft Certifies Avalue Touch Panel PCs as InduSoft Web Studio Compatible Hardware

Avalue, makers of professional industrial computers, has recently certified two lines of touch panel PCs as InduSoft Web Studio compatible. The Avalue LPC-1505 and SPC-1505 series’ have passed InduSoft certification tests, and are ready for use with InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

InduSoft Maintenance Agreement Includes Free Upgrades on InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

InduSoft has always been intent on protecting the investments of our users. That’s why InduSoft Web Studio is able to run applications developed in any earlier version of the SCADA software, and that’s why InduSoft has invested so much time in developing communication drivers and easy database connectivity. The flexibility and compatibility offered by InduSoft allows users to retain their investment in time and resources spent developing applications, and makes it easy to adapt SCADA applications as new hardware is introduced into the system. Continue reading