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InduSoft Welcomes You to 2013!

InduSoft has plenty going on in this  year! 2013 is bringing more webinars, more tablet and smartphone-ready SCADA/HMI, and more of the powerful SCADA software used across the world to propel automation forward. Here are some of the things InduSoft Web Studio customers have to look forward to in January:

New Webinars: InduSoft will offer two webinars in January. Join us for Access and Door controls on January 9th with Sierra Detention, and again on January 23rd for Driver Configuration.

InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 + SP1: A new service pack for InduSoft Web Studio is on the horizon, so get ready to add new features to your InduSoft Web Studio applications.

Grand Prize for the 2012 Customer Survey: Everyone who filled out the year end customer survey will receive a free InduSoft t-shirt designed especially for the survey. We’ve also picked out a winner for the drawing for a Windows 8 Tablet. The winner will be contacted soon! It might be you! If you didn’t win, please know that we truly appreciate your feedback, and we’re working very hard to use your input to improve not only InduSoft Web Studio, but InduSoft as a community.

A new look and feel for the InduSoft Website: Indusoft has been working hard over the winter to develop a new website that will offer our customers better access to the information they need from InduSoft. Please stay tuned for exciting changes this year!

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