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InduSoft and Microsoft SQL Server 2012

InduSoft Web Studio has a patented method of communication with SQL databases, including Microsoft SQL server. While many InduSoft Web Studio users who use SQL Server use the 2008 edition, advancements in technology have spurred an increasing demand for SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio that is able to communicate with SQL Server 2012.

One of the factors driving this move is the fact that as SCADA systems become increasingly integrated with ERP software, the need for communication with SQL databases grows. SQL Server 2012 is among the most common platforms for sharing data between the plant floor and an ERP.

Cloud based systems also drive the upgrade. SQL Server 2012 is often used as a portal for the visualization of information. This information can then be used in InduSoft Web Studio applications to further visualize and analyze data in a cloud architecture.

Cloud based systems may also be employed to consolidate data from multiple remote sites. To ensure that the information collected it not lost, and to make a better use of the bandwidth between the remote site and the cloud, SQL Server 2012 databases can make use of database replication features to implement data “store and forward.”

With the increased size of storage media available at a low cost to consumers, it is possible to acquire and save data at increasing rates. This ‘big data’ growth has necessitated the use of powerful database technology, and the increased performance of SQL Server 2012 has been important in managing this large amount of data so that it can be transformed into meaningful information using SCADA visualization platforms such as InduSoft Web Studio.

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