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Using InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software in Windows 8

As of this date, InduSoft still in the process of getting Microsoft “Certified for Windows 8” for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software. However, this will not stop you from using InduSoft Web Studio in a Windows 8 Environment!

If you need to use it or develop with it right now, InduSoft Web Studio will install and run properly on Windows 8 (RT is not recommended, as it is for small footprint devices).
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Creating Efficient Coding for VBScript in InduSoft Web Studio

Creating efficient coding in your scripts using VB Script is an art, and a topic for a longer conversation than what a few paragraphs can convey. Learning how to properly code and what practices to instill in any particular script or routine is a matter of experience, patience and practice. Sometimes, reverse-engineering someone else’s coding can often suggest ways in which to improve one’s own scripting. The very first step in creating efficient code is to first understand exactly what the code is attempting to accomplish. This is called “Script Planning.” Continue reading

Report from Automatisierungstreff Böblingen – An OPC Seminar in Germany

InduSoft was recently a sponsor of Automatisierungstreff Böblingen, an OPC seminar for OPC UA server development. As an original member of the OPC foundation, InduSoft is dedicated to providing connectivity solutions to InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software users who require OPC connectivity. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Platform a Hit at Automaticon in Poland

This year, InduSoft Poland is hosting a booth at the Automaticon show. To feature the best of the InduSoft web Studio SCADA software platform, InduSoft Poland uses one Beckhoff Multi-touch panel, an ASUS Multi-touch Ultra-book with Windows 8 and one notebook with Windows 7 running the PCDemo project. There is also one Samsung flat TV running the training videos for InduSoft Web Studio. Throughout the Faire, there’s been a great deal of interest in InduSoft’s SCADA capabilities, and InduSoft Poland is encouraging attendees of the faire to learn more about this flexible, scalable SCADA platform. Continue reading

Symbols in InduSoft Web Studio

There are 3 main reasons to use symbols in your InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software project.

Create consistent look and a common user interface by using symbols throughout your project. This reduces overall development time while keeping the user interface familiar and easy to use.
A single point of change. When using a symbol over and over on any screen, it references the “Linked Symbol” in the project symbol library. This allows you to change the symbol design, for example color or behavior, and the symbol is updated everywhere it was used.
Custom Properties. By understanding a simple syntax, you can easily define “custom properties” and how a symbol behaves to provide an easy-to-use, simplified interface. Continue reading

Join InduSoft Next Week for a Webinar Demonstrating Tips for Using Dream Report in InduSoft Web Studio

Next week, InduSoft will be hosting a webinar featuring an introduction to Dream Report for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software, and tips and tricks for creating reports for SCADA applications using the tools provided by Dream Report from Ocean Data Systems. Continue reading

Create a Recipe Viewer for Your InduSoft Web Studio Project

It is very easy and simple to use a popup screen with the .NET control for Internet Explorer in your recipe project to display the information in a recipe file. (See the example below.) The linked v7.0 InduSoft project demonstrates the settings and button script needed to configure this popup screen, which uses a tag to point the browser to the correct file. Continue reading

PowerPoint Presentations from our Best Practices for System Integrators are Available Now

PowerPoint Presentations from our Best Practices for System Integrators are Available Now Continue reading

Thursday Tip: Use the Remote Database Spy and the Remote Output Window in the Runtime of InduSoft Web Studio

It is possible to use the Remote Database Spy and Remote Output Window (also called LogWin), both located in the Remote Management Section of the Home Tab, in the Runtime Environment of InduSoft Web Studio on your local machine. The … Continue reading