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Thursday Tip: Use the Remote Database Spy and the Remote Output Window in the Runtime of InduSoft Web Studio

It is possible to use the Remote Database Spy and Remote Output Window (also called LogWin), both located in the Remote Management Section of the Home Tab, in the Runtime Environment of InduSoft Web Studio on your local machine.

The reason for using these tools is to troubleshoot your application while the viewer is maximized (full screen), and to observe an effect on it while simultaneously changing a tag value or observing some output while you make a change on the selected screen.  This can be difficult to do, or you could miss a short term event like a tag change, by using <Alt> + <Tab> to move back and forth between the Development environment and the Runtime screens.

To use the functionality of the Remote Tools, simply enter the IP address of your loopback connector ( or your machine IP in the Remote Computer IP Address field of the tool that you want to use.  You can use both tools at the same time.  Remember to set them to be “Always on Top” (Right-Click on the DB Spy and “Options” Menu on LogWin.)

Remote Database Spy and Remote Output Window

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