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Create a Recipe Viewer for Your InduSoft Web Studio Project

Recipe files saved in InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software in .XML format automatically come with a default Style Sheet called “recipe.xsl”. This style sheet is what formats the recipe data into a table that is 2 columns wide.

Because this style sheet is present with the saved “<recipefile>.xml”, double-clicking it will open a formatted table in Internet Explorer (rather than the raw .XML code which references the Style Sheet), showing tag data in the left column, and the recipe value information for each tag in the right column.

It is very easy and simple to use a popup screen with the .NET control for Internet Explorer in your recipe project to display the information in a recipe file. (See the example below.)  The linked v7.0 InduSoft project demonstrates the settings and button script needed to configure this popup screen, which uses a tag to point the browser to the correct file.

Download the InduSoft Web Studio Sample Project Here

InduSoft web Studio Recipe


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