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Symbols in InduSoft Web Studio

There are 3 main reasons to use symbols in your InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software project.

  1. Create consistent look and a common user interface by using symbols throughout your project. This reduces overall development time while keeping the user interface familiar and easy to use.
  2. A single point of change. When using a symbol over and over on any screen, it references the “Linked Symbol” in the project symbol library. This allows you to change the symbol design, for example color or behavior, and the symbol is updated everywhere it was used.
  3. Custom Properties. By understanding a simple syntax, you can easily define “custom properties” and how a symbol behaves to provide an easy-to-use, simplified interface.

A consistent and well-designed user interface allows the operator to quickly and intuitively understand what they can do, and what information is important. By using symbols, the developer can reuse a symbol over and over and not have to reconfigure the application each time. Keep font sizes the same, keep the things that should be clicked on constant, and wording familiar everywhere. InduSoft’s SCADA software platform makes it easy to create template applications that share symbols and other graphic elements.

When using the “Linked Symbol” feature, if you change the design of the symbol in the project symbols, it changes every place you used that symbol throughout your project. Here, for example, we placed 4 sliders on the screen. They reference the “linked symbol” in the Project Symbols. If you right click on any of the symbols on the screen and select “Edit Linked Symbol” you can make a change to the symbol design and all of the symbols that reference that symbol, will change accordingly. See below how we changed the gray background once in the symbol to yellow,  and all of the symbols updated.

symbols for indusoft web studio

SCADA symbols

When using symbols in InduSoft Web Studio, you can define “Custom Properties”. These allow you to create symbols that behave the way you want them to behave, and expose your own properties to the developer. The syntax to create your own custom properties is #[Category.]Property:[Value],  where the Category is optional, but the Property will be displayed in the Property column and the default value (also optional) will be displayed in the value column. For example in the TextIO symbol below, the last property is shown because this the text above the field was configured as:  #Label:”Value:”. The text “Label” is shown in the property column and the text “Value:” is shown in the Value column. This allows the user to change the “Value:” to something like “Set Point” or “Desired Flow” and that is what will be displayed on that individual symbol.

indusoft web studio symbols

For more information see our SCADA training video covering symbols here.

Don’t forget you can use our symbols, modify our symbols or even create your own from scratch. Do you have symbols to share? Let us know at!

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