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InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Platform a Hit at Automaticon in Poland

SCADA platform

InduSoft Multi-touch features

A Live Report from Ricardo Marroni

The Automaticon show in Warsaw is considered the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement, and robotics in Poland. This event has been running for 18 years, and continues to be popular among attendees. More than 10,000 visitors attend the Fair every year – people from wide range of industries, and come from Poland, as well as from neighboring countries in Europe.

This year, InduSoft Poland is hosting a booth at the Automaticon show. To feature the best of the InduSoft web Studio SCADA software platform, InduSoft Poland uses one Beckhoff Multi-touch panel, an ASUS Multi-touch Ultra-book with Windows 8 and one notebook with Windows 7 running the PCDemo project. There is also one Samsung flat TV running the training videos for InduSoft Web Studio. Throughout the Faire, there’s been a great deal of interest in InduSoft’s SCADA capabilities, and InduSoft Poland is encouraging attendees of the faire to learn more about this flexible, scalable SCADA platform.

This year, there are 318 exhibitors. Here are some statistics from the previous year:

Number of stands : 286

Number of Exhibitors: 315

Number of companies represented:  780

Occupied area: 11900 sq.m.

Estimated number of visitors : 13000


Here is the team working in the InduSoft booth this year:

Krzysztof Panasiewicz


Kinga Bryl

Radoslaw Ryba

Ricardo Marroni

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