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Script Error Popup when using Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX (.ocx) Control in InduSoft Web Studio

When running the PCDemo application in InduSoft web Studio SCADA software,  selecting the “Corporate” button, then choosing the “Web Site” button on the right navigation screen opens up a center screen called “WebSite.scr”.  The WebSite screen is called by the Open() function in the button.

The WebSite screen has a Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX Control embedded on it pointing to the InduSoft web site when the screen opens. The web page appears to open properly, but a popup stating that there is a Script Error with the message “Object doesn’t support this property or method” similar to the one below, shows up in the middle of the screen (Figure 1). You may have even noticed this Error Popup in your own application while using the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX Control. Opening the same URL in an Internet Explorer Web Browser does not produce this Error Popup; only when using the .ocx.  Selecting either “Yes” or “No” on this dialog box does not have any effect on the display or operation of the web page.  This Script Error popup may occur more than once stating a different Script Line or Character.

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

Figure 1: The Script Error Popup occurs when the URL is loaded in the Web Browser .ocx

This error popup is not limited to any one particular URL, but rather to the content on the displayed web page.  This Microsoft ActiveX Control exhibits the same behavior that Internet Explorer does as described here in MS Article ID: 934366, “Error message when you try to open an ActiveX control-based MIME handler in Windows Internet Explorer 7: “Invalid character””.  According to Microsoft, these Error Popups occur when a Java script is being loaded from HTML.

To silence these messages, simply go to the ActiveX Properties of this control and put a “1” into the “Silent” Property Field, then save the screen and close/restart InduSoft to reinitialize the Microsoft Web Browser.ocx (Figure 2).  The popup will now be suppressed.

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Software

Figure 2: Set the Silent Property Expression Field to “1” in the .ocx Configuration

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