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Join the SCADA Security Conversation with InduSoft Web Studio

Because SCADA security is an issue that affects not only automation worldwide, but critical infrastructure as well, it’s important to be an active participant in the SCADA security dialog. InduSoft feels very strongly about the importance of educating ourselves and users of InduSoft Web Studio about SCADA security, and to open up the discussion to include a wide range of viewpoints. Here are some of the ways to become actively involved in this topic:

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework workshop has sent out an open invitation for questions and topics of discussion. To participate, send questions or ideas to before June 5. These submissions will be explored in San Diego in July at the third and final instillation of this workshop.

Users of InduSoft Web Studio can also send questions to our presenter on Cyber Security at our upcoming SCADA Security Best Practices Webinar.

We also invite you to use the InduSoft Forums to discuss security measures and speak to other InduSoft Web Studio users about the SCADA security measures they have in place.

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