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Using Multiple Instances of Serial Drivers in InduSoft Web Studio

Do you need to connect multiple serial ports of your machine to many devices of the same type such as a MODBU RTU in InduSoft Web Studio?  Here’s how to do it:

Assuming that the MODBU driver is being used, look in the installation folder for InduSoft on the machine [located in \Program Files (x86)], then open the \Drv folder and copy the 4 files with the suffix “MODBU”. The 4 suffixes or extensions are: .dll, .ini, .pdf, and .msg. You must copy ALL 4 files, even the .pdf’s.

The new driver names must be unique and cannot be longer than five characters.

Paste all 4 files back into the same \Drv folder using a different prefix name such as MODBA .dll, .ini, .pdf, .msg, then paste again for the next driver, i.e., MODBB, MODBC, etc., etc. until you have enough drivers for each serial connection and RTU. Now, add the new drivers back into your project one by one, until you have a serial connection setup for each RTU. Next, add the appropriate tags to each driver worksheet (You can use copy and paste from a spreadsheet as necessary).

Note: Each one of these serial connections is a “Driver” count against your license.  So, if you have 16 serial ports for 16 RTU’s, then your license must have at least 16 drivers on it (assuming that you don’t have any other I/O drivers configured.) If you are using a separate runtime machine, you must also copy each these new drivers into that machine’s \Drv folder as well.

Lastly, if you upgrade the MODBU driver to a later version, you must remove, and delete all these old copies, then recreate them using the newer version MODBU driver files.

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