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How to View and Change Tab Order of Objects on a Screen in InduSoft Web Studio

Initially, the tab order of objects occurs according to the object number that they are given when the object is added to the screen in an InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software project.  By editing and adding/deleting or copying/pasting objects, this tab order will become different that the original object number.  Additionally, objects that are grouped together have a tab order within the group, using the whole group as a tab order object and each object within the group having a subordinate position within the group using the tab order of the group as the primary identifier for the group.  An example is a group of 3 objects with the tab order of the group being 2 on the screen, and the objects in the group having the tab order 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.

The way to view this is to right click on the screen and choose “Tab Order” which will display the order of each object as it will have focus as the Tab button is pressed.

To change the tab order, click on one of the tab order display fields, and it will assume the #1 position.  Clicking on another will assign it the #2 position, and so on.  Double-clicking on any tab order display will open a dialog box where the tab number can be entered directly.

Further information can be found in the InduSoft Web Studio Help Manual: Contents >> Screens and Graphics >> Formatting Screen Objects >> Set the Tab Order of Screen Objects.

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