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InduSoft Web Studio – New SMA Screen Feature in SP2

Starting in version 7.1 SP2, a new SMA (Studio Mobile Access) feature has been added to the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software product.  It is now possible to render screens and animations so that they will display on an HTML5 supported device, including Safari, Android, Chrome, etc., devices and browsers.  The PC Demo application included with the installation of InduSoft Web Studio is already configured to display the screens in SMA.  Here’s how you do it.

The first thing to do is configure IIS to host the rendered screens.  They are published in the project as HTML Web pages.  In Windows 7 and Windows 8, open the IIS Manager located in your Administrative Tools folder (add to start menu from Properties in Win 7) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Open the IIS Manager

In the IIS Manager there will be a few things to configure:

1)      The path to the project as the default web page.

2)      The required mime types.

3)      The “Indusoft” System User permissions.

First, open IIS, open the tree to the “Default Web Site”, and select (highlight) it. Next, click on the “Advanced Settings…” link and in the Advanced Settings configurator, select the Physical Path.  Enter the path to your InduSoft Web Studio project \Web folder (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Advanced Settings configuration of the Default Web Site in IIS

Next configure the mime types by entering the extensions shown in Table 1 into the list.  Use “application/studio” as the mime type (Figure 3).

Table 1: Mime Extensions for application/studio Mime Types

Figure 3: Configure Mime Types by adding the appropriate type extensions

Finally, add the “InduSoft” System User Accounts to the permissions list. Open the Security tab of the Permission Configurator (Right Click on the Default Web Page) and add the users “IUSR” and “IIS_IUSRSfrom the local machine, not the domain (Figure 4).  Use the default permissions.

Figure 4: Adding the InduSoft System Account users, IUSR and IIS_IUSRS from the local machine.

Once the configuration of IIS is complete, then push “Restart” in the Right pane under the section “Manage Web Site” and you can close the IIS Manager.

Next, open the PC Demo project.  It is helpful before you run the project to go to the Project Tab, choose “Viewer” and in the Project Settings, deselect “Start Maximized”.  Select Titlebar, Minimize, Maximize, Close, and Resize.  When the project is started, the Runtime Viewer can then be minimized and put out of the way (Figure 5).  You can also put the Viewer Task into “Manual” mode, if desired.

Figure 5: Viewer Settings to minimize the Runtime Viewer.

To see the screens and Widgets that are configured for the SMA, Click the “Projects” Tab and select “Mobile Access”.  The Mobile Access Worksheet will open, scroll down to the bottom, and the list of configured SMA Screens is there (Figure 6).

Figure 6: Mobile Access Configuration Worksheet showing configured screens for the SMA.

Close the Worksheet and start the project.  You should be able to open your web browser and enter the machine name or IP of the local machine then\MA and the SMA will ask for logon credentials (Guest) with no password.  Choose “Screens” from the “Main” category (Figure 7) then select the Animations screen (Figure 8).

Figure 7: Select “Screens” from the “Main” Category


Figure 8: Selecting the Animation Screen

If your remote or handheld machines are on the same domain, simply open the browser and enter the same URL as you did in Internet Explorer (Figure 9).

Figure 9: SMA running on portable devices supporting HTML5.

More help can be found in the Help Manual sections:

  • About Thin Clients and Mobile Access
  • About Web Thin Clients
  • Building a Simple Thin Client Program

The “InduSoft Thin Client Setup and Troubleshooting Guide” Technote is also available here.

Finally, there is a demo version of the SMA running on the Internet.  Simply type “” into your web browser to get to our SMA Demo server.  You can also browse to this demo from the InduSoft Home Page, select “Products and Downloads/Demos/Mobile Access” if you are using a mouse.  If you have a Touchscreen, there is a link to the “Demos” webpageat the bottom of the Home Page, with a link to the SMA logon at the bottom of the “Demos” web page (Figure 10).

Figure 10: Demo Webpage showing link to logon to the SMA Demo

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