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Exciting Future: InduSoft is Now an Invensys Company!

Dear InduSoft Customers,

It is with great pleasure, and much excitement that we announce Invensys’ acquisition of InduSoft. This partnership was created to work on the strength of two powerful industrial automation software providers to serve customers worldwide, and form a stronger framework for developing and supporting the InduSoft products that you know and love.

We aim to offer the fullest range of industrial software solutions on the automation market, and this partnership will supply InduSoft customers with a highly focused platform for HMI applications, interfaces for embedded devices, and intelligent systems, while providing expanded support and better customer relationships. This is an unprecedented opportunity to combine the strengths of both InduSoft and Invensys and work in collaboration with one another, while focusing on each of our core competencies.

The InduSoft team will continue to work together to develop and support InduSoft Web Studio, InduSoft EmbeddedView, and InduSoft CEView. For current users of InduSoft Web Studio, the result of this partnership will be an expansion of global support, as well as the continued development and support of the InduSoft products our customers have used and relied upon for more than a decade.

Our customers and partners are hugely important to the success and growth of InduSoft. As a company, InduSoft has always held customer support, best-of-breed software, and a protection of customer investment as priorities. It was important when discussing this partnership with Invensys to ensure that we could serve and benefit you. We’ve listened, and we’ve worked to ensure that you have the largest number of automation solutions available.

Current InduSoft customers can expect the same level of dedication to support and development as before, and will be able to enjoy the benefits of this acquisition, such as a wider array of products to choose from, and the opportunity to scale up or down for every level of automation.

The acquisition of InduSoft by Invensys promises a strong future for the industrial market, and InduSoft is fully committed to developing the most powerful industrial software solutions for machine builders, OEMs, the embedded market, and industrial automation. With the support of Invensys, InduSoft users can look forward to a future full of possibilities.


– Marcia Gadbois, President of InduSoft


Learn More about this Exciting News

InduSoft is excited to announce this acquisition by Invensys. This partnership allows InduSoft and Invensys to work together to bring the largest spectrum of tools available to the automation market.

InduSoft has been developing a robust, fully featured platform for HMIs and embedded devices for more than a decade, and now we can proudly announce a partnership that will allow InduSoft to continue developing and supporting the best platform for low-end HMIs and SCADA, as well as making the full suite of Invensys products accessible to InduSoft Web Studio users.

With this teamwork, it will be possible to scale up from individual HMIs all the way up to full SCADA systems that integrate with ERP and Historians, thanks to the availability of both InduSoft and Invensys software.

We’ve put together a brief FAQ to answer some of the questions you may have, but we invite all customers to email us at to ask us more about this team effort between InduSoft and Invensys.


Q. Why did Invensys acquire InduSoft

A. Invensys is committed to providing the best industrial automation software solutions on the market. To do this, Invensys reached out to InduSoft about adding the InduSoft Web Studio software suite to their current lineup, to provide the absolute best-of-breed solution to machine builders, OEMs, embedded systems developers, and intelligent embedded system developers. Invensys will continue to support the high-end SCADA market with software that scales up, and integrates with ERP, MES, and Historians.

Q. Will InduSoft and Invensys remain separate companies?

A. While InduSoft will be an Invensys company, the current InduSoft team will continue to work together as a group, and will continue to serve customers worldwide and develop InduSoft software solutions.

Q. Will InduSoft continue to support my application and software, even if we currently use InduSoft for high-end SCADA applications?

A. Of course! InduSoft will continue to support all customers worldwide, using the same support team you know and love.

Q. Will InduSoft Web Studio applications need to be integrated into Invensys software?

A. No! InduSoft Web Studio customers will not need to make any changes to InduSoft Web Studio applications.

Q. Will InduSoft Web Studio applications become obsolete?

A. InduSoft has always maintained a firm commitment to 100% backward compatibility. InduSoft Web Studio will be developed by the InduSoft team, and previous and current applications of InduSoft Web Studio will always be supported in future versions of the software.


Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask how the teamwork between InduSoft and Invensys will affect and benefit you!

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