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Driver Updates are Available for InduSoft Web Studio Drivers

InduSoft has updated several new drivers this week for InduSoft Web Studio HMI Software. You can download them all here:

Download Native InduSoft Web Studio Drivers

Driver (Slave) for Serial and Ethernet Communication with Devices Using the Modbus Protocol Update: MODSL – v2.7

– Improved bit handling

Driver for TCP/IP Communication with Devices Using Modbus Protocol Update: MOTCP – v10.7 

– Updated error codes within the driver and in the documentation

Automation Direct PAC Devices (CE) Update: PAC3K – v1.1  

– Modified the way the driver handles undefined addresses and improved error codes handling and messaging

OMRON Fins Gateway Protocol Update: OMRON – v1.14

– Added support for types USINT, SINT and BYTE using CX Compolet for NJ series.

Note: This driver update is only available through your OMRON Distributor and is not available on the InduSoft Website.

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