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InduSoft’s Top Tech Predictions for the 2014 Automation Industry

Predictions about the top tech trends in any given year usually follow a predictable trajectory; smaller and more powerful processors, wider adoption of standards already in use, and better connectivity. In 2014, however, InduSoft expects to see something of a revolution happening within the automation industry, driven by the habits of consumers now, coupled with the new expectations and demands of the next generation of automation and manufacturing. Here are some of InduSoft’s predictions for trends that will truly make an impact on the shape of automation in 2014: Continue reading

Novo Documento Técnico: “HMI Mobility”

A InduSoft acabou de lançar um novo documento técnico detalhando os benefícios de acessos remotos para operações de manufatura. Este documento técnico detalha as maneiras de como as indústrias estão permitindo esse tipo de acesso para todas as plataformas de computadores fixas e portáteis e para outros dispositivos. Continue reading

Understanding and Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Tofino Security recently posted an article, which many of our customers currently making security risk assessments on their projects or installations will find useful or helpful: How to use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. It was written by Ernest Hayden and is entitled, “The NIST Cybersecurity Framework – What is it and what does it mean to you?” There are also many other useful links on this website that may also be of use to you. Continue reading

Entendendo e Utilizando o Guia NIST Cybersecurity

A Tofino Security recentemente publicou um artigo sobre como utilizar o guia NIST Cybersecurity. Este artigo foi escrito por Ernest Hayden e o seu título é “The NIST Cybersecurity Framework – What is it and what does it mean to you?” ou, “O Guia NIST Cybersecurity – O que é isso e o que isso significa para você?”. Continue reading